Treadmill Valley

Imagine a place.

Empty and bare.

A swirl of energy

Contained there.

Built from the embers

Of Machines all broken

Falling for purpose.

Awakened by lies.


Imagine a center

Where the wires all tangle.

Where the wind comes to be

And the walls slightly tremble.

A ring takes form in the presence of a box.

A man takes the reigns

Not caring if it stops.

He keeps it going for pride

Living on devotion.

Our lives all a lie

Held up by emotion.

Where do the figments end?

When does life begin?


I do not know and neither does he.

A woman takes control and now I can see.

She holds up the ashes and embers of the fallen.

Weighs them intently and washes them away.

We depend on that motion to raise our commotion.

Hell is not far so we feel it and we’re swayed.


The Devil walks amongst us.

Feeding on those that never lived.

Who put them there and who plagues them?

Find those answers within.


I work for the Gods of your imagination.

I snarl at the Gods of your propulsion.

Sit and observe.

Observe and report.

Stand tall for once and take down the thrones.

Anarchy for morality,

I hope it’s a fair trade.

Misery for money

Doesn’t seem so innate.


Hate and anger,

Joy and bliss,

Grief and longing,

Pondering and wandering.

O’ Goddess!

End me with your eternal kiss.


Questions remain.

The answers are all here.

Maybe it’s your thought that I miss.

I see men forging men and wheels turning gears.

So easily I forget women forming life,

Life moving forth, dismantling every lie.


The evil within you only brews and gets cold.

Drink coffee you scoundrels,

Smoke cigarettes till you wilt.

Spend money on the mongrels,

Spend time on your karma quilts.

Waste time till karma kills.

Waste time till dharma bills.

The wind will crush all you built.

The wind will crush all you built.


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