Inherent Stakes

Visualise this:

Two sides to the same abyss.

One made of the water of bays

And the other solid, complex

The physical and the digital


The third and the dimensions

Summoned for the twist.

Encountered in bliss.

Resurrected in bits.

Preserved to resist.

Àlive to persist.

Awakened by a snitch.

Emboldened by my mix.

Playlists after playlists.

Work to some.

For others, just hits.

Apologies unnecessary.

I now float like the mist.

I am bound by a bliss.

I am pursuing happiness.

I am feeling benevolent.

I am joyful and yet,

I feel loss and pain and anger and guilt.

I feel ambition and rowdiness and mania and a kiss.

I miss my life, my dogs, my cat, and my wife.

I miss life like the days in the playgrounds,

Friends to get you ungrounded,

Harmony misfounded,

Lies after lies dropped to mold my dark coat,

We should all fear the scolded.

We should fear dissonance and prejudice.

We should love our world,

We should have graceful opinions.

Science pulls back a notch,

Researches the historical periods,

Religion pulls back a notch,

Respects forgiveness.

Dream, dream, dream I say.

We will all grow and weather away.

We will all face death one fine day.

Let’s make the most of what we have.

Let’s prepare for each coming day.

Let’s not forget about the buried and dead.

Let’s make some space for us and for others, prepare space.

We are now a people united,

Calmed and undivided by racism and hate.


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