Let the gates open wide,

Let fate close its eyes,

As faith dies.

Go hunting for a lie.

Carve through my kingdom,

Play out an empire’s demise.

Tweak it,

Weave it,

Paint it,

Stain it,

Ain’t it entertainin’?

Just make sure when you’re done,

That either you or I have fainted,

Either on a cloud or somewhere on the pavement.

If it doesn’t happen, you will know then,

You will know that I have not rusted,

My dreams have not been dusted,

My will has yet to be busted.

Who will you trust then?

We are the same, we’re all men.

Souls so damaged that when you fall in,

You freefall but you never hit the ground,

So snap out or calm down.

Just fall through the darkness,

It’s not a predicament,

So no opinions or judgements,

Just the residue of a few moments,

That you will come to know then.

Just fall and forget the end,

Forget about what came and went,

Forget about all the times that you wept.

Why can’t it be that easy?

Why can’t it be the only option left?


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