The Atmosverse

I see with my little eye,

A unique verse, filled with surprise.

A crazy curse restrained by lies.

Maybe a lazy world filled with flies,

maybe tiny ants crawling on long vines.

I see hidden in plain sight,

plane eyes holding plain sights.

Dethroned kings and godless sky.

Dethroned kings till God just…died.

Betrothed queens and cherry wine.

Dethroned kings and cherry eyes.

Betrayed princes and Achilles’ whine.

Heels and boots and belts and spines.

Fifty shades of everything,

One shade to rule the mind.

Two shades to rule the skies.

Three days till someone dies.

Three ways till someone cries.

Trees say that everyone dies.

Free says that everyone lies.

He said that we might die.

I say that nothing is a lie.

I am everything and everything is I.

I am everything and erythng is I.

E’rythan is I.

Earthen and blind.

Earth shunned, sun blind.

Sons died and daughters fried.

A unique Atmosverse,

just waiting to fly.

Till wanting just dies.

Till wanting come back to life.

Till the desire for need,


Bird’s Nests,

Amalgamated minds.

Free reign for everyone.

One planet at a time.

I take Mars. Your Planet is thine.


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