Where is the music


In Jim’s shining silver pants,

In Mike’s floating legs,

And in Mick’s jagged dance?


Where is the music?


Doesn’t Cocker crow?

What is Dylan feeling?

What is Shankar strumming?


Where is the music?


Yo-Yo Ma needs some Swift.

Yeezy needs some of that ol’ yéyo.

I wonder what made Prince go.


Where is the music?


Drake’s worst behavior is too loud.

Mozart needs to add a bit of that boom boom sound.

Rhi Rhi knows how.


Where is the music?


I didn’t hear no plop, Berlioz!

Bizet, your bitch too proud!

Ya’ll all need to add that boom boom sound.


Where is the music?


We turned James into a machine,

We let Johnny jam his heart out,

We watched Hendrix, popping our eyes out.


Where is the music?


Aretha was before she did the Adele bit.

Can someone please guide Missy Elliot?

Why doesn’t Erykah Badu feel the need to make hits?


Where is the music?


What did Bruce go through anyway?

What Dre say by the way?

How much did Iggy have to pay?


Where is the music


When Leonard needs it most,

When Nina’s voice ripples through Parisian smoke,

When Tchaikovsky runs with the melody of a beggar,

When Haydn tries to make work from a joke.


Where is the music?


Albert King dethroned.

Muddy Waters absorbed.

Howlin’ Wolf ignored.


Where is the music!


In the halls at noon,

In the streets at night,

Making the windows move?


Where is the music?


Handel on the River or

Navigating Gould’s mind.


The music is inside.





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