Working hard is subjective.

Working smart is resented.

Try harder than you should,

But you’ll still get rejected.

Do not consider it your fallacy.

Do not consider it your cause.

Feel that the world beneath you


It shakes with every pause.

It stutters at every crossroads.

It’s boundless, but it limits the in-roads.

I am suffocated by hydro,

Might as well breathe something else.

Even the light of the torch can be blinding,

Step aside and let me sell,

Amongst the dim lights of hell,

Trinkets of silver

and copper.

Trinkets to bring niggers out of jail.

Stinking coolies still try and fail.

Is our slavery neglected?

Is our story directed to benefit

the rich and famous.

The dreamers and the basic.

Nicki Minaj done taste it.

Kanye’s mirage can’t change it.

Gandhi wasn’t worth his salt.

Tagore became more and more alienated.

I am stepping on them naked.

Every flaw just makes it



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