Ekla Chalo: An Homage to Stoicism

I am irritated.

Fix me with some Dermi-cool.

I am exasperated.

Define me in school.

I am ambiguous,

You’ll try to take a step on my stool,

Yet, I am a gambit irrevocable.

Stand by me or drool.

You’ll probably just drool.

I don’t need to follow any rule,

I can call you out amongst all the yay-sayers,

I don’t need to mesmerize you with a tool.

But I implore you to stop.

I implore you to nod,

Slowly and deliberately to my cough.

I don’t care if you don’t get it,

It is only your fault.

I am beyond rhyme and reason,

I am beyond your meager thoughts.

No more wasting time on you.

No more waisting time.

No more shall I throw my thoughts on you,

You are worthless.

You are swine.


But maybe I wish to say more sometimes.

I want to look into your eyes and unwind.

But then I realize

Those eyes aren’t human or kind.

They are glimmers through a spotted veil,

Destined to be mine.


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