Some people are incapable

of understanding palpable truths.

So they go deal with stigmas,

Society, and miserable fools.

I don’t know how much more

I can scream it.

But hell,

Here it goes.

You better start believin’

that you can rise up and float.

Accelerate fast and coast.

Like electrons buzzing around

an atomic coat.

But you won’t read this.

And you probably won’t ever know

that there is for something worth living.

There is something worth more

Than you and your arrogance.

Than you and your moats.

Than you and your confidence.

Conviction can only gloat.




Don’t follow no meter.

Don’t depend on old folks.

I write what I am feeling

and hope that some people show

me some empathy.

Trust me, it’s for what I was born:

to return that favor

a hundred times

a thousand times

maybe more.

Maybe I skip commas so you hear me implore.

Maybe I don’t give a fuck about whoever

Thinks they know more.

I was born for this purpose,

I was born for this show.

It maybe a circus,

But it’s only my show.

It is all my show.


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