Fingers move, knuckles crack. Hands bend back.

tap lightly,  wrap tightly, turn off light,

pluck a string, pick up things, shoot to kill,

flat at 2, flick some goo, beckon you,

hold a phone, smash a bone, beat your own,

open gates, slap a face, fall from Grace,

feel for me, steal for me, poke at veal,

fold a hand, punch, pinch, and hide your face.


Arms are long. Joints: strong. Legs like trees.

Grab and run, light and burn, waft and whirl,

twirl and dance, dust the fan, place red tape,

stand under, jump over, kneel to pray,

jog and ski, squeeze, hold pee, squat to scat,

swim to shore, lower a moor, drip or pore,

eyes when dark, trunks when drunk, fly when high,

and respect Gravity (strengthens core).


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