I am

I am like this: a sphere hiding in a sphinx.

I am abstract; somehow intact. Relax.

I am produced, induced, seduced, and burned.

I am a man, a fire, a hand, and care.

I am here now, here before, standing at the door.

I am a key, an eye, a ring, and more.

I am always too free. Too tired to see.

I am never yours, never theirs, never bored, or scared.

I am boundless, flawless, lawless; marvelous.

I am creation that consumes to impress.

I am a protocol that runs like clockwork.

I am destruction that carries you till death.

I am finite waves seeping till bedrock,

I am fountains in spring; trickling, endless.

I am the joy of discovery. And lost dismay.

I am human. Know me. Read me. Be you.


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