Stability is what we want.

Chaos is what we need.

Reactive, we are useful.

Stable, we are using.

So, the dude abides.

Chaos is what I like.

Infinitesimally, we are all the same.

Only structure deprives.


But I build cities in my mind!

I decorate planets and

Move the stars till they all align.

I hold my knife straight and right.

Structure is all I know,

Structure is how I’m defined.

I cherish until a collapse mesmerizes me.

I gather the scraps of mess and label them Learning.

Pack it under my arms and keep walking.

Because, the dude abides.

Chaos is what I like.

With the scraps of paper, my atoms intertwine.

My senses gather all, oneness fills my mind.


Like a pyromaniac looking for his aphrodisiac,

I stroll dark hills and dry valleys to satisfy my underbelly.

Match in hand. Spark when ready.

Alive and undesired is definitely made better by my fire.

My fire.

Cause, the dude ignites.

Chaos is his wife.

Structure is the bottle.

Structure is the light.




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