“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” – Ol’ Churchill

To “feel” is a funny,

Ferociously frantic fascination.

Filling frivolous figments,

Of my futile imagination,

Finally filtered by the flurry,

Of fractured formalities,

Formulated foolishly,

To defragment the force,

Of fun-filled pheromones,

Floating forever,

Fusing in felicity.

Fated to be “for”,

But for us to be “we”.



Krsna is an ideal that can be lived up to. It is an effort that I partake in everyday. It is a movement that is beyond our understanding but tangible if pursued. I am consumed by a desire to find and maintain a direction. This direction is Krsna. I am enraged by the desperation and depravation around me. The peace is Krsna. I am working to provide the two most vital resources everyone needs: time and space. This work is Krsna.

Meanwhile, a mind does muse.


Ask me anything. Hate mail is my dear beloved.